Swiss Brown

Australian Grown Swiss Brown Mushroom


Although Swiss Brown mushrooms are small, they are one of the heartiest mushroom varieties with the most robust umami flavour. With their darker colour and earthiness, Swiss Browns bring a delicious rustic quality to dishes. These brown mushrooms hold a little less water than their white cousins, which is why they have a firmer texture and retain their shape during the cooking process. Don't think Swiss Browns are only for winter dishes, these little flavour dynamos are great in a stir-fry's, pasta, risotto's and are amazing skewered on the BBQ too.

Did you know? A swiss brown mushroom is the same as a portobello. When a swiss brown mushroom is left on the growing bed for an extra few days, it grows into a big portobello mushroom!


How to prepare:

  • Do not peel!
  • Wipe with a damp cloth if needed.
  • Slice and saute, add to pasta or rissoto
  • Perfect in stews and slow cooker recipes


Swiss Brown mushrooms have a much deeper and earthier flavour than the white varieties of mushrooms. With their robust umami flavour and firm texture that holds during the cooking process, Swiss Brown mushrooms are perfect for stews and slow cookers.